What are the Benefits of an Adjustable Base?

1. Reduces Back Pain

If you are one of the 39 percent of Americans who suffer from the disrupting symptoms of back pain, you know how challenging it can be to get into a comfortable position to sleep. But that can all change with the help of an adjustable base! When you can raise both the head and foot of your bed, your spine will be adequately supported, taking pressure off your nerves. This will give your back a surface to sleep on that supports the spine by alleviating pressure points.

Tips for relieving back pain with an adjustable base:

For lower back pain:If you have lower back pain, try elevating the head of your bed 45 degrees to relieve compression and reduce aches. For upper back & neck pain:Tightness in the upper back can radiate up to your neck. Elevating your head just slightly helps by providing a supportive sleeping surface and replacing the need for multiple pillows. For all-over pain:Raising the foot of the bed so that your knees are slightly bent can help with all-over pain, as it takes pressure off your spine. For an even better position, try zero-g, which is when you have both legs and head elevated. 2. Alleviates Snoring

If you've ever woken up to your own snoring (it happens, believe us!), your partner's sleep is probably being interrupted too. Whether the snoring is due to sleep apnea, asthma or something else, there's an easy fix. With your head slightly elevated by an adjustable base (at least 20 to 30 degrees), your airways can remain open; this means better breathing and less snoring.

3. Lessens Acid Reflux and Heartburn

Acid reflux is a common health condition that produces burning pain (known as heartburn) in the lower chest and throat. It occurs when your stomach acid flows back up into your esophagus, and it can be incredibly painful.

If acid reflux is keeping you up at night, an adjustable base may be the answer to your problems. With your upper body elevated, stomach acids won't creep up your throat.

Tip for relieving acid reflux and heartburn with an adjustable base:

Position your adjustable bed base to the zero gravity position, which is pre-programmed into some Adjustable Base remotes. This position will help keep your stomach acids from irritating your chest and throat.

4. Eases Insomnia

Many of us are stressed these days. Insomnia is on the rise, with roughly 35 percent of Americans getting less than 7 hours of sleep a night, according to the CDC. In fact, melatonin supplement sales recently went through the roof with a 42.6 percent year-over-year increase in 2020.

If you've tried everything under the sun to get the rest your body needs to no avail, why not consider an adjustable bed base as a solution? Whether your insomnia is caused by chronic pain, workplace stress, medications or an anxious mind, an adjustable bed base can offer various position choices for a much better sleep experience. You might even find a position that you never thought of before that knocks you out quickly!

5. Improves Digestion

Sleeping flat can hinder your body's ability to process and digest food properly. With an adjustable bed base, you can raise your head slightly while you sleep on your left side, known as the ideal digestive position.

Plus: better sleep can even help with maintaining your weight. If you're known to eat dinner late or are a notorious midnight snacker, this may affect your ability to sleep overall. Elevating your head slightly will help ease heartburn from your late-night noshing, which can improve your sleep and your waistline.

6. Encourages Independence

Whether due to age, a disability, illness or accident, health issues can often negatively affect mobility and independence. This becomes a problem for otherwise independent people who have trouble getting in and out of bed. An adjustable bed base is a perfect aid to encourage independence for those who have mobility issues.

How to easily get in and out of bed with an adjustable base:

If limited mobility has affected your independence, try raising the head of your adjustable bed base. This will help you lift yourself off the mattress more efficiently, because you have extra support you can lean against.

7. Relieves Arthritis Pain

Chronic arthritis and other painful conditions can be relieved with the use of an adjustable bed frame. Stiff and aching joints can be alleviated by positioning the mattress so weight is taken off problem areas to allow for a more comfortable rest. The adjustable bed can also help for assistance with morning stiffness that results from pain issues. The sleeper can raise the head and lower the foot to work as an aid to help them rise from the bed more easily.

Ultimately, the position you choose will depend on your individual pain points. We have heard from our customers that the zero-G position is a favorite for relieving the aches and pains associated with arthritis because it takes pressure off the whole body. An adjustable bed base can also help relieve morning stiffness that results from other chronic pain conditions like arthritis, CRPS, fibromyalgia and more.

8. Lessens Leg Swelling

Swollen legs can be the result of injury, pregnancy or illness, and laying flat only causes more fluids to pool in the legs, furthering the problem. Experts suggest raising your legs while sleeping to address swelling, inflammation and varicose veins. For best results, lie flat and tilt your thighs to a position slightly less than a 45-degree angle. Next, bend your knees to about 20 to 30 degrees to minimize pressure on your tendons. Lastly, tilt your calves between 15 and 20 degrees. An adjustable bed base makes achieving this position super easy with the click of a button.

9. Eases Restless Legs Syndrome

Restless Legs Syndrome (or RLS) is a neurological sleep disorder marked by the immense need to move the legs while at rest and is a known cause for poor sleep. It's important to address RLS because it can worsen over time, making quality sleep all but a fleeting dream. An adjustable bed base can help you stay on top of RLS symptoms by increasing circulation.

How to address RLS with an adjustable bed base:

Simply lift your legs by 3-6 inches at bedtime to cut down on nighttime shifting, twitching and moving.

Pro tip: Double down your efforts to alleviate RLS by coupling a weighted blanket with your adjustable bed base. Weighted blankets use deep touch pressure therapy, which triggers pressure points that help produce serotonin (the happy hormone) and melatonin (the sleep hormone).

10. Enhances Circulation

Keeping the body's circulatory system in prime condition through the night will, undoubtedly, improve your sleep quality. With the help of the adjustable bed base, you can fine-tune your sleeping position to reduce pressure, allowing for blood to flow to the heart and throughout the rest of your body. For those with specific circulation issues, the adjustable frame allows the mattress to be positioned to the doctor-recommended level to enhance blood and oxygen flow (typically around 45 degrees).

Are Adjustable Beds Worth it?

The real question is, how much do you value your health? Anything that can provide relief from frustrating medical conditions like back pain, arthritis or acid reflux without side effects is a smart investment in our eyes.

Of course, it's essential to talk with your health care provider about their recommendations when it comes to sleeping with a health condition. Our suggestions are just that and should not be considered medical advice.

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